Chital House Forest Guest House Accommodations

This building is found in Topslip encircled with grass hayfield interspersed with Bamboos. From the remainder house you'll be able to relish the perspective of Kariyan Shola and Pandaravarai Peak with mist / cloud ladden hills. within the evening hours one will sight noticed cervid, Gaurs every now and then elephants. line is connected. quandary facilities offered all the hours. you will avail the trekking to Karianshola a singular evergreen forest of lofty supported trees with coraciiform bird nests, claw marks of tiger, large climbers, ground and tree orchids etc.,

Total Suites : 2
Maximum Members : 4+ 2
Accommodation Cost : Rs.3000 per Head with Package

Wood House Package Includes :

  •             3 Time Veg and Non Veg Food ,
  •             Elephant Safari in Topslip,
  •             Elephant feeding Camp forest vehicle safari,
  •             trekking and bird watching in early morning ,
  •             Parambikulam Forest Vehicle Safari