Do and Dont's

Our Expectations from you  - The Green Soldier

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  •     Follow the entry/gate timing strictly ie: 7am -6 pm
  •     Do not disturb or tease animals
  •     Give way to animals first.
  •     Animal sightings are matter of chance. Be patient.
  •     Total silence and discipline enhances the chances of animal sightings
  •     Respect animals and their habits.
  •     Consuming alcohol or visiting tiger reserve under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  •     Smoking is strictly prohibited
  •     Do not carry any inflammable materials
  •     Please do not litter the surroundings. Plastics are completely prohibited
  •     Small groups are always preferred. Early mornings and late afternoons are ideal to visit Forests
  •     Do not wear colorful clothes or perfumes during visit. Colours like Khakis, browns and greens are best suited for forests
  •     Always carry a drinking water
  •     Trekkers are advised to use jungle boots to ensure safety.
  •     Carry a first aid kit with medicines for common ailments.
  •     Always follow the instructions of the staffs and the Naturalists
  •     Be careful during boat rides. Don’t do anything that will rock the boat or endanger lives.
  •     Carry a note pad, flashlight, road maps, bus, train and airline time tables.
  •     Follow the instruction given by Information Centre at the beginning.

Remember- Do not leave anything but footprints, Do not take anything but sweet memories from Nature’s own Abode- Topslip Tourism