Hornbill Forest Guest House Accommodation

Hornbill home is situated in near by Topslip Tree hut , its wondrous place for staying, this can be the place wherever in you'll be able to hear a lot of birds decisions particularly the wakeup call within the early morning hours by the malabar whistling thrush. you're guaranteed to see arboreal animals like large squirrel and Nilgiri Old World monkey. throughout night hours you'll be able to see the family of Asian wild ox and herd of noticed cervid before of the remainder house.

Total Beds                                : 2
Maximum Staying Members  : 4
Total Rooms                            : 2
Timing                                      : 1.00 pm to 10 am
Cost for This Accommodation : Rs.1300 per head ( Without food and With Tax and Service Charges )  

Special Package : Rs.1200 Per head

Includes :  

  • 3 Time Veg and Non Veg Food , 
  • Elephant Safari in Topslip
  • Elephant feeding Camp forest vehicle safari, 
  • trekking and bird watching in early morning , 
  • Parambikulam Forest Vehicle Safari

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