Topslip Tourist Attraction

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary: 

Named after our beloved but belated Prime minister, this region is also otherwise known as the Anamalai wildlife sanctuary. Located at the heart of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve this region harbors numerous varieties of birds, animals, reptiles and amphibians. A detailed description of the varieties is given below know more...


Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp:

This is a camp constructed exclusively for elephants. They are trained and housed here. There are about 50 malaisar tribe families lodged in this area. They are professional elephant trainers and it seems as if their enigmatic skills come with the genes.

But the problem is in getting permission to visit the camp. Since it is pretty exclusive you will have to hire a government jeep to reach there and to do that you will have to get clearance from the Indira Gandhi wildlife Sanctuary Rangers… who aren’t known to be benevolent as far as clearances are concerned because their priority is forest and environment.

MT. Stuart block:
MT.Stuart block can be reached at about 3km from Topslip. It has an ancient forest bungalow along with the grave of Hugo Wood. Hugo Wood was a british officer with an environmental conscience apparently because he seemed to have made sure that a sapling must be planted for every tree that is chopped off. His grave carries a latin inscription which can be roughly translated as ‘if you want to see me look around’. Well if you did look around and possibly sight him after all these years do say hello.. After all a touch of mystique would make your adventure all the more wholesome ! However what he meant is that he is eternal thru the living trees which were once his saplings!

Apart from the dead Mr. Wood and living woods, the area is inhabited by very much live bears So you may possibly spot a few.

If you are an amateur but passionate when it comes to trekking then Anamalai hills are your undeniable choice. These hills would be your customized platform for entry level trekking. You will have different options as far as the routes are concerned categorized under easy and difficult.

You can start off with a few simple treks such as

Pandaravara – 8km and Kozhikamuthu- 12 km.

As for expert trekkers, Perunkundru at 32km will be more than a match.

Various other trekking ranges such as

Kolambumalai- 10 km,
MT. Stuart- 10 km.
Ambuli watch- 6 km.
Kozhikammuthy-12 km .
Karian Shola- 4 km are also available.

The routes simple or difficult, near or far have five common factors:

• Beauty
• Tranquility
• Green
• Suspense
• Thrill

Trekking Fees:

Short Trekking: Duration - 2hrs | 5 person * 200 = Rs.1000/-

Medium Trekking: Duration - 4 hrs | 5 person * 500 = Rs.2500/-

Long Trekking: Duration - 6 hrs | 5 person * 1000 = Rs.5000/-

Trekking Timings : Morning 7 am to Evening 2 pm

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