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History of Valparai, Tamilnadu, South India 

In 1846 Mr. Ramasamy Mudaliyar planted coffee in his own estate.
In 1864 Karnatic Coffee Company and some other peoples asked the Madras Government to provide some land for cultivation in the Anamallais. Government accepted the proposal and sold the waste land for Rs. 5.00 per acre. In the initial stages, Planters cultivated coffee. But they were not able to get the desired yield of coffee, which had a huge market. So the Karnatic Coffee company sold some part of the lands to some people. Now one part of the area is called Waverly Estate and another part is called Water Falls Estate.
In 1875 England's Honorable Prince A.P. WALES EDWARD VII visits India, he plans for hunting in Grass Hills via Konalar Valley. So people made a camp. In that camp many English people stayed. So that camp was called Aangilakurichi. (Now a days Angalakuruchi) All arrangements were made for him including Railway tracks, Roads and Guest houses.
Soldiers, Horses, Elephants were employed for the work. But due to some reasonable fact he cancelled his hunting program in Anamalais.
In 1877 Government had taken a decision that not to give any of the land to the people for plantation. They felt deforestation will spoil the valuable Rain, Forest and other important Plants.

Teak wood was completely vanished. This made the Estate owners and Forest officers in to a clash.
In 1890 Mr. W.WINTIL, and Mr. NORDAN asked the government to give land. They proved, all the water sources were wastly mingled in Arabic Ocean via Cochin. So the govt. planed to give the land again.
MR. WINTIL cutted all the trees in his land and made the land more fertile and planned to plant the coffee in his estate. For his estate he employed 17 years experienced great man Mr. CARWER MARSH for the salary of Rs. 250/- MR.CARWER MARSH was an excellent hard worker. His sweet co-operation with the people made more attracted. He was the medicine for the sick and an eligible worker so he was called as The Father of Anamalais. In olden days his hard work and his sufferings now made people to lead their happy. MR.CARWER MARSH statue was sent by his wife. Today his statue standing Majestically in Kavarkal Estate.

In 1898 Mr. E.J. Martin developed the Sirikundra Estates. In 1896 with the help of Passion Quince Company Agency. They made Rubee Tea company. In 1927 Nallakathu and Injiparai estates were bought by those personalities. They planted, 5204.08 acre’s with the tea plant in 1939.
VELLAMALLAI GROUP (M/s. Periya Karamalai Tea Produce Co. Ltd.)
Vellamallai, Kanchmallai tea estate was developed in the years 1925 to 1930 nearly 1038.5 acres are planted with tea. In 1911 Mr. Carwer Marsh started his work. Till 1927 with 777 acres. They Planted the tea plants.
SHEKALMUDI GROUPS: ( M/s. Parry Agro Industries Ltd.)
In 1904 Mr. Marsh and Mr. Congre planted Rubber in Kallayana Panthal Estate. The Name Kallayana Panthal derived from the name Kalyani the tribal GOD.
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 Valparai is a newly explored tourist spot located in the Anamalai hills of Westernghats. Entering the forest and tea gardens of valparai you can enjoy the presence of many streams, dams, valleys, waterfalls, high mountains, grass lands, flora and fauna.

Valparai is different from other tourist spots unlike ooty, munnar, kodaikanal etc because of some if its unique nature. Ecotourism is given more importance than regular form of tourism. Chinnakallar in valparai records maximum rainfall next to chirapungi. Valparai is the only hill station in the world which has 12 dams and hydro electric power stations.

Aanamalai wildlife sanctuary
Aanamalai wildlife sanctuary is situated at an altitude of 1,400 meters near pollachi with a total area of 958 sq kms. The sanctuary is filled with various fauna like green pigeon, pangolin, sloth bear, panther, elephant, tiger, gaur, deer etc.
Aaliyar dam
Located at Aliyar, in the Aanamalai range, in the foot hills of valparai at a distance of 24 kms from pollachi. Aliyar dam is a famous picnic spot, the park near the dam is well maintained and pulls many tourists to Aliyar dam. The park opens at 8.30 Am and closes at 5.30 pm, with a very minimum entry charge per head.
Birla Falls
Birla falls is 2km from valparai. Situated in sholayar estate surrounded by tea fields. Watching the water fall in the mid green tea fields is a pleasant view for eyes.
Sidhi vinayagar temple
The temple is 5 kms from valparai, owned by jayshree tea industries, the temple is situated in a very beautiful garden environment, it is very near to valparai.

Congreve falls
The falls is situated in nadumalai estate, this falls is named after C.R.T Congreve, one of the early explorers of this hill.
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